About C’est Fab

Muriel Schuermans and Fabienne van Dillen are language trainers and communications experts. They help companies and professionals to improve their language and communication. Thanks to a large network of experienced language trainers, they provide language training in French, Dutch and many other languages.

Fabienne and Muriel are both completely bilingual French – Dutch and have lived, studied and worked in both countries for many years. Teaching, communication, marketing and business coaching is their specialty and passion. They simultaneously obtained their Masters at the University of Amsterdam and became colleagues at Warner Bros. Walt Disney, Curver and Sanoma followed. Their clients included Friesland Campina, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and General Electric. Fabienne is the author of the marketing book Kids Communication for the editor Kluwer. She recently wrote the book: ‘Samenwerken in het Frans’ (Collaborate in French). Fabienne and Muriel help clients from various industries, from legal to construction and from government to hospitality.

C’est Fab is founded by :

Fabienne van Dillen

Fabienne was born in Belgium near Liège and lived in Paris and Nice for many years. She has a teaching qualification in French and English and studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She worked as an international marketer for multinationals in Paris and Amsterdam and led a marketing and communication agency specialized in the target group children and young people.

As a strategist, she develops marketing and advertising campaigns together with creative teams and advises companies on entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and France. She is also an experienced trainer. With C’est Fab, Fabienne helps companies and professionals to collaborate successfully with French and Dutch speakers.

Muriel Schuermans

Muriel is bilingual Dutch-French. She studied journalism, marketing & PR and French language and literature at the University of Amsterdam and Angers (France). She worked with several multinationals in the Netherlands and abroad in various marketing and sales positions. Her employers included Warner Bros. and Walt Disney.

For many years now, she works as a language trainer for both groups and individual students. The level and background of the students differ enormously. Her rich experience in the business world ensures that she can develop and offer the perfect tailor-made training for every company and for every professional.


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Fabienne van Dillen