Do business in a foreign language

Coopérer dans une nouvelle langue
Samenwerken in een vreemde taal

Do business in a foreign language

Coopérer dans une langue étrangère – Samenwerken in een vreemde taal

Business Coaching

C’est Fab helps managers and staff who work internationally quickly and effectively to bridge cultural gaps. We make you aware of the cultural differences, such that you are able to communicate effectively, increase your sales abroad and quickly feel at home in the other culture.

Generate more business abroad


Tailor your communication to the foreign market


Activate contacts with foreign colleagues and customers 

Ensure the perfect pitch for your company

C’est le ton qui fait la musique

For whom?

Have you been doing business with foreign clients for a while? Is jt not going as you would wish? Are you continually surprised by people’s reactions. Do you wonder how you can improve this situation?

Are you looking to gain a foothold in that large foreign market with abundant opportunities?

    What does work?
    What doesn’t work?
    What’s the best approach?

    How can we help you


    Develop and implement a business plan
    Create a communication and marketing strategy 
    Gain market insights and learn how to handle cultural differences smartly

    Check our publication on doing business in French for Dutch speakers

    How-to guide and training in Business French

    After reading this book you will know all about manners and do’s and don’ts, how to seduce in business and how to attract business and boost your French – Dutch business relationship.

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