Collaborate in French

Maybe you speak some French, but a lot of knowledge has vanished. You could use a refresher. You need the language for your work. You want to be updated as quickly as possible, so that you can make a good impression in conversations, in a presentation or at a trade fair. The cultural differences are considerable. In order to collaborate successfully with French speaking clients and colleagues you could use advice on manners and do’s and don’ts when working together.



After your course:

  • you speak and understand French much better

  • you are more confident in conversations with French speakers

  • you can present yourself and your company or organization excellently

  • you know everything about French culture and how you can respond to cultural differences

  • you can communicate, negotiate and collaborate effectively


These skills will be trained:

  • Communicate in French about subjects that are essential for your work

  • Respond correctly during conversations with French professionals

  • Prepare presentations and trade fairs

  • Listen to conversations

  • Write emails, letters, contracts and proposals in French

  • Knowledge about manners and cultural differences

  • Negotiate and close deals in French


This is what you will learn:

Whether you are a director, sales manager, HR manager, engineer, technician, IT specialist, or any other position; we start at your level. It is important for us to know in advance which industry you work in. Each training is unique and is custom developed!

A training starts with the preparation of an elevator pitch in French: who are you, what do you do, what do you have to offer. You can therefore get started in practice very quickly. After that, we will go into greater depth so that you can speak, listen and respond better and faster during conversations and presentations.





The courses take place online or at one of our training facilities in Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam and Utrecht. If you prefer a training within your own company, that is also possible.

Types of training

Intensive Training

During this intensive training you will prepare for doing business abroad in one or a few weeks. This is especially useful if you need to gain language knowledge quickly and thoroughly for, for example, a trade show, a presentation or a new position.

Flexibel Training

During this training your planning is key and we adapt to your time schedule. We spread the training over a number of days or parts of the day that suit you best, building in enough space to practice and study in the meantime.

Group Training

We provide both in-company and group training at one of our locations. The small groups allow us to monitor individual progress and make adjustments where necessary. Everyone will reach his or her desired level.

Online training

Wherever you are in the world, we also provide all types of training online. We meet seamlessly with Zoom, Teams, Skype or any other application. Individually or in small groups and for all levels.

Book on how to collaborate in French for Dutch speakers

A how-to guide and training Business French

After you’ve read this book you will know everything about manners and do’s and don’ts, how to seduce in business and how to help flourish the collaboration between French and Dutch speakers.


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