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Courses for business 

Language &  Communication

Courses for business

Do your business in a foreign language

Exciting and challenging

Our courses ensure that

  • you quickly improve your language skills
  • you only learn what you need
  • and you come to understand cultural differences and thus achieve your professional goals

Courses are available online en offline

  • in a pleasant (corona-proof) atmosphere

  • offering individual attention tailored to your level

  • you progress at your own pace. Opt for a flexible or intensive approach

Check our publication on doing business in French for Dutch speakers

How-to guide and training in Business French

After reading this book you will know all about manners and do’s and don’ts, how to seduce in business and how to attract business and boost your French – Dutch business relationship.

 Communication experts

Communication is essential in any business transaction

We are a team of language trainers (native speakers) who have lived and worked abroad for many years. As professional communication experts, we can help you to successfully master a new language and culture. We are there to help you improve your communication skills such as to reach your (business) goals quickly.

What we offer


  • Learn to use your new language effectively
  • Understand your cultural differences
  • Be successful in the other country
  • Negotiate effectively with people from other cultures

Business coaching

  • Generate more business
  • Adjust your communication to the new market
  • Activate your foreign business leads
  • Use awareness of cultural differences to optimise your company profile

Collaborate together

  • Bring your own expert / native speaker

  • Get more out of your trade missions and business meetings

  • Understand what’s going on

  • Close the deal: sign the agreement


Read our blogs about working together abroad (in Dutch;-)

Language barriers with neighbouring Belgium

New blog about the Flemish words ‘goesting, kuisen, peizen and een twadde’. What are the differences between Dutch – Flemish and French – Walloon. If you have knowledge on cultural differences, you can collaborate better.

What our clients say?

Fabienne is  a very passionate, empathic and honest trainer. She made it very easy for me to make conversation in French. She also adapted the course in an excellent way to my personal wishes. She is a very experienced business manager herself, and her observations as to content were very valuable. 

Margreet van der Have
HR Manager, Wavin

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