Learn Dutch by the Sea this Summer

Are you keen to integrate into Dutch culture and combine it with a beach break? Join our Express Introductory Dutch Language Summer Workshop tailored specifically for expats like you. As you enjoy the seaside, immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience designed to fit seamlessly into your weekly routine.

Introductory Workshop Packed with Fun Activities

Summer school: Make the most of your summer by attending our classes nicely located at Amsterdam beach, Zandvoort.

Efficient Learning: Benefit from focused, intensive sessions that maximize your language acquisition within a supportive community of fellow expats.

Personalized Progression: Whether you’re starting from scratch or building on existing knowledge, our courses cater to diverse skill levels and learning objectives.

(* The course will proceed subject to a sufficient number of participants.)

What we offer

Your Teachers

Muriel Schuermans

E-mail: murielschuermans@live.nl

Telephone : +31 6 30612918


Fabienne van Dillen

E-mail: fabienne@cestfab.com

Telephone : +31 6 39835942


Fabienne van Dillen<br />
Muriel Schuermans<br />
Beginners Summer Workshop
Advanced Summer Workshop


You are warmly welcome to It’s Fab Language & Training Centre in Zandvoort by the Sea. The training centre is located just a 2-minute walk from the sea and the train station.


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