Summer Course Dutch

Residential Training Course by the Sea

Summer Course Dutch


Residential Training Course by the Sea

Summer Course by the Sea

Zandvoort aan Zee
24h with trainer - 12h self study
start Monday 10h end Thursday 16h
Small group max. 6
Take your knowledge of Dutch to a higher level

You live in the Netherlands and you want to improve your level of Dutch. We can help you with that this summer!
With a short but intensive summer workshop you can make a big leap in knowledge in a few days. Together with a small group of like-minded people and under the guidance of experienced language trainers, you will stay in a great location in Zandvoort, a few steps away from the sea. After this
course, during which you fully concentrate on the Dutch language, you will go home with a wealth of knowledge and, above all, more self-confidence to communicate in Dutch. Register quickly because the number of places is limited.

This is what you learn

After this course:

  • You will speak and understand Dutch much better
  • You will be more confident in conversations with Dutch speakers
  • You will improve your writing skills
  • If necessary, you are better prepared for the NT2 integration exam
  • The aim is to reach one level higher up in the CEFR for languages
  • You will know all about Dutch culture and how to respond to the cultural differences
The summer courses will take place in these two  weeks. Let us know which week suits you best.

Is this the training you are looking for ?

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You will stay here

At the Language & Training Centre in Zandvoort aan Zee you can study, attend courses, brainstorm, inspire each other or organise teambuildings at a fantastic location two minutes walk from the beach. You could call it a work or study holiday. You are taken out of your daily routine and that makes your stay not only useful and efficient, but also fun and challenging.


You are most welcome at the Language & Training Centre in Zandvoort aan Zee. This is where the intensive training sessions with overnight stay take place.

Other training options

Intensive training

The intensive training course is intended to prepare you for doing business abroad within a few weeks, even as little as one week. You gain language knowledge quickly and thoroughly, for example for a trade show, a presentation or a new position.

Flexibel training

During this training your planning, your personal schedule is the driver and we adapt to your needs and availability. We spread the training over a number of days that suit you best, building in enough space to practice and study in the meantime.

Group training

We provide training both in-company and group training at our location. We work with small groups allowing us to monitor individual progress and make adjustments where necessary. Everyone will reach his or her desired level.

Online training

Wherever you are in the world, we can also provide all types of training online. We can meet you seamlessly via Zoom, Teams, Skype or any other application. Individually or in small groups and for all levels.


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