My name is Fabienne and I founded C’est Fab. I hold a teaching certificate in French and English and I studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I worked as an international marketer for multinationals in Paris and Amsterdam and ran a marketing and communication agency specialized in the target group children and young people. As a strategist, I developed marketing and advertising campaigns together with creative teams and advised companies on their communication and marketing in the Netherlands and France.

I am bilingual French – Dutch and have lived, studied and worked in both language areas for many years. Language is my specialty and passion. I wrote the marketing book for Kids Communicatie for Adformatie. In 2021 I published the book: Samenwerken in het Frans (Working together in French). Fabienne helps clients from a wide range of industries, from the legal profession to construction and from government to hospitality.

After this course:

  • You will speak and understand Dutch much better
  • You will be more confident in conversations with Dutch speakers
  • You will improve your writing skills
  • If necessary, you are better prepared for the NT2 integration exam
  • The aim is to reach one level higher up in the CEFR for languages
  • You will know all about Dutch culture and how to respond to the cultural differences

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